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  • Larissa Pontes

Numbers to Know 6/10/24

Here are 3 numbers that are driving conversations amongst policymakers, legislators, and lobbyists in Florida's Capital City.

Florida's voter turnout varies significantly between Presidential and non-Presidential Election years, a key factor influencing political strategies. In Presidential years, the average turnout is around 75%, while in non-Presidential years, turnout drops to around 50%. Despite predictions that the Right to Abortion Initiative, Amendment 4, will significantly increase voter turnout, the reality is more nuanced. Presidential Election years already experience robust voter engagement, making it challenging for any single issue, including the abortion amendment, to dramatically boost turnout. Additionally, despite Florida Democrats’ hope that Amendment 4 will put Florida back on the stage as a swing state, the disparity in party registration, with Republicans outnumbering Democrats by 900,000 voters, adds another level of difficulty in increasing voter turnout. This gap, driven by a decline in Democratic registrations, emphasizes the broader structural challenges facing Florida's electoral landscape.

Catalyst Strategies is a full-service government and public affairs firm in Florida. From healthcare policy to tech to local government, we assist our clients with creating and growing momentum for their public policy issues.

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