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  • Larissa Pontes

Numbers to Know 5/20/24

Updated: May 28

Here are 3 numbers that are driving conversations about tech policy amongst policymakers, legislators, and lobbyists in Florida's Capital City.

Legislation such as the proposed American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S.2992 and H.R.3816) aims to regulate large tech firms (Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft) to prevent preferential treatment of their own products and discrimination against competitors. These antitrust bills would increase operating costs for tech giants, likely forcing them to restructure or discontinue key technology services. According to the CCIA, 100% of surveyed startups leverage three or more technology tools from large tech firms to launch and maintain their businesses. Startups heavily rely on the affordable or free services provided by tech giants, and the loss of these digital services would likely lead to increased operational costs for tech startups. Although the aim is to foster fair competition among the tech world, bills such as S.2992 and H.R.3816 could unintentionally harm startups and small businesses, the purported beneficiaries.

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